Amy Allard


The American Health Council is proud to appoint Administrative Director Amy Allard BSN, MPH, RN to its Nursing Board. With an extensive 40 years as a healthcare provider in the industry, Allard will bring her clinical expertise and mentoring ability to the American Health Council. Allard’s unique insight and clinical acumen will enrich the American Health Council’s Nursing Board. As her professional career matured from strictly clinical to supervisory and administrative, Allard never lost her respect for the trust between clinicians that leads to beneficial care.  She is commonly found delivering direct patient care alongside her staff.

When Allard was a high school student, her aptitude tests recommended either a nursing or teaching career. Since deciding to walk the healthcare route, Allard has never looked back. Her role as a clinical staff mentor is thriving and resolute. Allard’s commitment to excellence in her field is evident by her extensive academic training. She earned an Associate of Applied Science: Nursing (AAS) from Rockland Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Pace University. She further broadened her professional outlook with a Master of Public Health (MPH) from the celebrated Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University in 1993. Her leadership and clinical contributions were acknowledged by an Excellence in Nursing Award from Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

Allard has occupied her present position with Ramapo Valley Surgical Center (RVSC), an extraordinary outpatient surgery center for the tri-state area, for the past twelve years. In her capacity as Administrative Director, she works closely with her staff and physicians to provide sound and effective patient-centered care.  While she oversees daily operations of the surgical center Allard focuses on the training and development of her staff. Allard feels personally rewarded by the success of her staff day-to-day, particularly when the grow and are prepared for bigger and better opportunities.

In the future, she plans to strengthen her established foundation of managerial nursing skills.  As part of the Virtua Health System she shares her “tool box” with fellow administrators in 17 other Ambulatory Surgical Centers.  She looks forward to continued success with RVSC.  Allard remains committed to preparing the future generation. In her recreational time, she enjoys spectator sports and traveling. Family, both personal and professional are most important to her.  The American Health Council’s Board of Nurses is eager to bring Amy Allard BSN, MPH, RN onboard for her advanced insight into the inner workings of the healthcare industry on multiple levels.

Administrative Director at Ramapo Valley Surgical Center

  • Extensive 45 years as a healthcare provider in the industry.
  • Received Excellence in Nursing Award from Columbia University.
  • Ramapo Valley Surgical Center is an outpatient surgery center serving patients of all ages.