Katarina Todorovich


The American Health Council is proud to appoint Katarina Todorovich, Didactic and Lab Faculty at Miami Regional University, to their Board of Nurses, where she brings with her 2 years in her present role and 18 years within the healthcare industry. Ms. Todorovich possesses a myriad of skills and expertise in Medical-Surgical Nursing, being both a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Nurse Educator.

Ms. Todorovich completed her MSN-Edu in Nursing at Miami Regional University in 2016. After moving to the US to complete her senior year of high school, she became fascinated by the field of medicine, later choosing to pursue a career in Nursing after discovering how hands-on it was in comparison to other healthcare professions.

At Miami Regional University, Todorovich’s daily responsibilities include teaching classes and labs in the Fundamentals of Nursing to students pursuing their Associate’s and Master’s in Nursing. She has previously been a Didactic, Lab Clinical Nursing Instructor for Dade Medical College (DMC), and for the University of Southernmost Florida (USMF). For over a year, Todorovich had also performed the duties as a Director of Nursing at DMC. For over five years, Todorovich managed multiple clinical departments’ daily operations for the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Attributing her success to caring for others and a love for what she does, Todorovich cites her supportive parents as inspiration, who distilled in her the principles of putting your mind to what you want in order to achieve, and treating people with mutual respect and dignity.

Todorovich serves as Chair for Miami Regional University’s Curriculum and an advocate for their Student Nurses Association. She is professionally associated with the National League for Nursing, and is part of Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Theta Kappa, as well as Eta Nu Chapter at UW Milwaukee.

Within the next 5 years, Ms. Todorovich plans to receive her Certified Nurse Educator certificate, to enroll in a DNP program, as well as to grow in her current position in order to make a positive impact within her community.

In her spare time, Todorovich spends charitable time for United Way, and enjoys boating and visiting the beach.

Didactic and Lab Faculty at Miami Regional University

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