Kyssie Brown-Karikari


The American Health Council has elected Kyssie Brown-Karikari, MSN, BSN, RN to its Nursing Board for her tireless efforts to help numerous people using her Medical Respiratory and Nursing expertise. As a staff nurse at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, Conn., a role she has held for five years, Mrs. Brown-Karikari diligently cares for her patients each day. After spending five years in the healthcare industry, Mrs. Brown-Karikari continues to expand her skills to ensure that each person who crosses her path is properly taken care of.

After her father became ill when she was younger, Mrs. Brown-Karikari decided to pursue a career in the nursing field after realizing she was unable to help her father during the distressful incident. She carried the memory with her, and it inspired her to enroll at the Florida International University in Miami, Fla. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management degree in 2004, Mrs. Brown-Karikari then attended Norwalk Community College where she earned an Associate Nursing degree in 2012 followed by Sacred Heart University and earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree in 2016. Years of rigorous academic training led her to become a staff nurse at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, where she cares for up to seven patients a day. She attentively listens to their needs, assesses their conditions and designs a unique plan of treatment that meets her patients’ needs.

Mrs. Brown-Karikari takes pride in her work ethic at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. She enjoys working with her patients each day, and finds personal and professional joy in her chosen career. Her dedication to her patients and her nurturing and passionate demeanor has led her to continue to excel in her booming career. She is committed to helping others through her skills and education not only in the medical field, but in her personal life as well. She volunteers at her local church each weekend, and collects clothes for those in need.

In her free time, Mrs. Brown-Karikari enjoys traveling with her family and reading a good book. She plans to continue her prosperous career by working in a nursing informatics evidence-based practice environment, and looks forward to continuing teaching and providing bedside nursing.

Staff Nurse at St. Vincent’s Medical Center 

  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center’s mission is to provide assistance and care to the sick, handicapped and frail elderly in the Bridgeport area.
  • The facility’s core values, including reverence, integrity, wisdom, creativity, service to the poor and dedication, has carried it to prosperity since its establishment in the late 20th century.
  • The center is accredited by The Joint Commission on Healthcare Organizations. The facility is certified as a Hip/Knee Joint Replacement Program, and Primary Stroke Center by The Joint Commission and the state of Connecticut.

Charitable organizations 

  • She volunteers at her local church each weekend and collects clothes for the needy.