Marty Driver


As the Director of Patient Services at Mountain Valley Hospice and Palliative Care, Mrs. Marty Driver brings to the American Health Council 41 years within the healthcare industry, including over 2 years in her current role. With focused expertise in Hospice Nursing and Patient Services, the AHC is proud to recognize Mrs. Driver’s continual legacy in exceptional American healthcare.

Graduating in 1976 with her ADN, and later in 1986 with her BSN in Hospice Nursing from Gardner-Webb University, Mrs. Driver became involved in her current profession after taking a CNS course in high school, learning that she loved to help others as a result. Her best friend, who was studying to become a nurse, encouraged Mrs. Driver to follow suit and pursue a career in Nursing.

At Mountain Valley Hospice and Palliative Care, Mrs. Driver partakes in day to day responsibilities, including supporting fellow staff members as they care for patients and their families through their healthcare journey.

Professional awards and honors which Mrs. Driver has been garnered with include the Service Above Self Award 2016 Rotary Club, and the Leadership Award from the Yadkin County Chamber of Commerce (2016). Mrs. Driver is professionally associated with The Rotary Club, the Yadkin Home Place and New Horizons Adult Day Services (where she serves as Board Member), and has served in the past as Chairperson of Yadkin County Chamber of Commerce.

Attributing her success to parental support and strong faith in God, Mrs. Driver’s goals within the next 5 years include continuing to work in her current position, planning to retire within a couple of years. She cites her personal achievements as making a difference within the lives of her patients and working for the good of her community.

In her spare time, Mrs. Driver enjoys reading, traveling, and volunteering for her local church.

Director of Patient Services at Mountain Valley Hospice and Palliative Care

  • Mountain Valley’s highly-qualified staff has years of experience in providing pain and symptom management and includes Nursing, Social Work, Hospice Aide, Chaplain and Bereavement Services.
  • A full-time medical director, certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Mountain Valley provides physician services to each patient along with several nurse practitioners.