Sally Pierre


Sally Pierre, BSN, RN, was recently selected to join the American Health Council’s Nursing Board. As a registered nurse at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Atlantis, Fla., Ms. Pierre provides high-quality care for her patients. While she has held her role for over a year, she continues to expand her critical thinking, med-psych and nursing skills to ensure that each patient she treats receives the care they deserve.

With a passion for helping others, Ms. Pierre set out to become a nurse, as she felt she was destined to join the profession. She enrolled at South University and earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2016. Her career blossomed after graduation as she found a home at John F. Kennedy Medical Center, a non-profit hospital that provides an array of services including behavioral health, cancer, emergency department, rehabilitation, maternity, occupational health, vascular program, sleep disorders and urgent care, among many. Since becoming a registered nurse at the center, Ms. Pierre administers medications, educates families on their diagnosis and medications, and discharges and admits patients. To ensure that the department runs smoothly, Ms. Pierre provides an intense of coordination, so patients receive efficient help and care.

Believing that nursing is a calling rather than a profession, Ms. Pierre obtains a vast knowledge of disease states body systems, robust management skills and the ability to stay calm under pressure. Her passion for nursing allows her to continue to expand her skills each day to provide the best care possible. Her dedication is evident through her work, as her patients and parents often thank her for her efforts.

Although her career continues to boom, Ms. Pierre makes time to enjoy personal hobbies and interests. She enjoys reading a good book and vacationing around Florida with her children. She plans to continue to excel in her career in the future, and looks forward to delivering the best care possible to her patients.

Registered Nurse at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center

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