Steven Ference


Steven Ference - BSN

An RN staff member at New York-Presbyterian, Steven Ference has been selected as one of the American Health Council’s “Leaders in Nursing”, where he brings with him expertise in Trauma and General Surgery, with 2 years in his current role and 3 years within the healthcare industry.

Ference earned his BSN in Operating Room Nursing from Felician University in 2014, and is currently in the process of obtaining his MSN from Columbia University. He became involved in his present profession as he has always held a passion for caring for people, wanting to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. Ference attributes his success to the great management team he has had the opportunity to work with.

At New York-Presbyterian, where they are known for their services in Cancer, Cardiac, Emergency Medicine, Geriatrics, Surgery, and Psychiatry, Ference engages in day to day responsibilities, including the oversight of the Trauma Committee, as well as working in the Operating Room(s).

Within the next 5 years, Ference is striving to obtain a management role within his field – focused on the patient experience, since time spent in the OR is so short. He is also looking forward to attaining his NP in the near future as well.

Mr. Ference is a member of Paramus Rescue Squad, Eagle Scouts, and volunteers for his local fire department in his spare time.

Staff RN at New York-Presbyterian

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