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Virginia Lipke - American Health CouncilVirginia Lipke, an International Infection Control Practitioner at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has been recognized as a “Leader in Nursing” among “America’s Best Nurses” for 2017. Virginia Lipke will be sharing her knowledge and expertise in the field of Tuberculosis/HIV Nursing and Infection Control.

Virginia Lipke became inspired to begin a career in healthcare in high school while assisting with an oral polio immunization effort. After receiving her Masters in Healthcare Administration, she applied her knowledge and skills of healthcare and nursing in order to make a difference at Centers for Disease Control. The Division of Global HIV and TB (DGHT) provides technical assistance to host governments, ministries of health, local and international partners to implement integrated HIV and TB clinical and preventive services. DGHT experts support better epidemiologic science, informatics and research support to develop sustainable public health systems in resource-constrained countries.

As an International Control Practitioner, her day to day responsibilities include using her background of over 20 years in the healthcare industry, knowledge, and expertise of Infection Control in order to improve the health of both patients and their healthcare workers. This includes the implementation of safer practices and policies regarding the reduction of TB risk factors in outpatient settings and in hospitals where people infected with AIDS and TB are being treated.

In 2004, Virginia Lipke received her Bachelors of Arts from Exelsior College. She received her Master’s in Healthcare Administration from St. Joseph’s College in Maine in 2010. As a credentialed Registered Nurse with her Masters in Healthcare Administration, Virginia Lipke also holds a certification from the Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology and is an HIV/AIDS Certified Registered Nurse.

Virginia Lipke is actively involved with The Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, The Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society, Infection Control African Network, and The HIV/AIDS Nursing Certification Board.

In 2006, Virginia Lipke was honored to have been given the “Healthcare Hero” Award by the Cincinnati Business Chronicle. That year, she was also chosen as the winner of the CDC/SHEA Atlanta Hospital Epidemiology Course from the Gina Pugliese Scholarship Fund. The following year, Ms. Lipke was a recipient of the “Hero’s in Infection Prevention” by the APIC as well as the Excellence in Nursing Research Award from Sigma Theta Tau. In 2012, she was awarded for Public Health Protection and Excellence in Public Health Protection from the CDC. Virginia Lipke was also given the honor of the “Outstanding Alumni” award from the ACC. In addition, she was given the Excellence in Public Health Protection Award from the CDC in 2016.

Throughout many accomplishments in her career, Ms. Lipke is proud to have written 11 various publications as well as being a recipient of numerous awards in her field. Her goals within the next 5 years include to find her replacement to continue the global work of implementing safe practices and more trained Infection Control Practitioners to reduce the spread of infectious diseases in developing countries.

During her free time, Virginia Lipke enjoys cultural events and theatre.

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  • Division of Global HIV/AIDS
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  • Department of Health and Human Services
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