Kelly Campbell


The American Health Council is proud to honor Kelly M. Campbell, BSN, CEN to “Best in Nursing” for her devotion and dedication to aid others in need. Ms. Campbell has been a Registered Nurse in Morristown Medical Center’s Emergency Department for the past 11 years where she works as a Trauma Core Nurse. She was also a certified Emergency Medical Technician for 17 years. She also has an aptitude for Emergency Medicine, Emergency Preparedness, Trauma, and Disaster Management.

Ms. Campbell started her education at the York College of Pennsylvania until 2003 when she transferred to Moravian College to pursue her Bachelors of Science in Nursing, which she earned in 2006.

The inspiration behind Ms. Kelly Campbell’s motivation originated from her father who volunteered with their local rescue squad.  At the age of sixteen, Ms. Campbell followed his example by becoming an EMT and decided that she wanted to do even more. She decided to expand her career in healthcare by becoming a nurse. She also worked as a Patient Care Technician while she attended Nursing School and found her place in the Emergency Department. This ignited her interest in Trauma and Emergency care which would follow her in her endeavors.

The wonderful education that Ms. Campbell received is something that she truly treasures. She felt grateful to have gone through extensive training when being introduced to the Emergency Department during her Nursing Fellowship. She is also thankful to her family and her amazing co-workers who have become a second family to her.

Kelly M. Campbell, BSN begins each day by securing her responsibilities as an Emergency Department Nurse, who is assigned to full-time Trauma Care. It is also her responsibility to help in other areas of the department if her co-workers require any extra support. She serves as a resource for the newer nurses in her department and holds in-services and practical skill labs for them during and after their orientations. She also works part-time in the Emergency Department at the Jersey City Medical Center.

Ms. Campbell serves as an Emergency Department Liaison for the Paramedic Program. She is currently the Subject Matter Expert for her Department, as they transition into a new electronic patient records system, Epic. She is also a part of her hospital’s Emergency Preparedness Committee as well as a Trauma Nursing Core Course Instructor.

The Emergency Department Nurse of the Year Award was given to Ms. Campbell by the Department of Surgery this past year.

Kelly M. Campbell, BSN is an active member of the Emergency Nurses Association, a group dedicated to connecting emergency nurses whose main concern is to promote safe practice and safe care.

Ms. Campbell is very charitable to those in need, however, she is very active when it comes to her donations. She volunteered alongside the Foundation for Peace and traveled to Haiti in 2010 to assist the medical relief teams in the aftermath of the earthquake. She was also a volunteer on the Whitehouse Rescue Squad, a non-profit agency that provides rescue services to their residential area.

The smooth transition to Epic from her old electronic system is one of Ms. Kelly Campbell’s future objectives. She plans on becoming more involved with the Emergency Preparedness Committee by getting her department involved in more training and drills. Ms. Campbell would also like to take her Trauma Certified Registered Nurse Exam, to obtain more ability in her area of expertise.

When she has the time, Ms. Campbell enjoys camping, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Registered Nurse at Morristown Medical Center

  • The Atlantic Health System is one of the leading non-profit health care systems in the state and is committed to creating a Trusted Network of Caring.
  • 11 years in her Current Role, 17 years as an Emergency Medical Technician.
  • Expertise in Emergency Medicine, Emergency Preparedness, Trauma, Disaster Management.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Emergency Department Liaison for the Paramedic Program.
  • Subject Matter Expert for the Emergency Department in their system transition to Epic.
  • Serves on the Emergency Preparedness Committee for Morristown Medical Center.
  • Emergency Department Nurse of the Year, 2017, Awarded by the Department of Surgery.

Volunteer Work