Rebecca Dean


The American Health Council would like to name Rebecca Dean, ADN, TNCC, PALS, ACLS, BLS as an affiliate of their Nursing Board. She has spent four years as a nurse offering her care and services to the Anderson Regional Medical Center, specializing in Emergency Medicine and Trauma.

Ms. Dean became involved in her profession during her time spent as a ward clerk, where she worked alongside a team of ER physicians. Seeing those physicians provide their expertise with utmost care, gave Dean the realization that she too could help others. With that, she made the decision to go back to school.

The one thing Ms. Dean values most is the continuation of her education. She considers herself lucky to have gotten this far in her career. She is also grateful for the opportunity to work alongside other talented nurses, and having the opportunity to learn and teach one another as they provide care to their patients. Dean attributes her success to her passion for nursing and her hard work. She prays for a bright future in her career, and for the futures of her loved ones who have given nothing but support in her endeavor to help those in need.

Ms. Dean has spent the entirety of her adult life trying to gain her licensure. She has spent time working as an office nurse while attending classes at a junior college but was forced to stop in her last semester. Even though she took this pause in her education, she did what she could to keep connected to those in her medical network. This led to Dean graduating from the University of West Alabama in 2014 with her ADN in Nursing. After she received her licensure, she was offered a position at Anderson Regional as a Registered Nurse in their ER. She continued to attend classes in her time off from work for her other certifications.

Ms. Dean worked there until the unfortunate loss of her husband on March 29, 2017. Since then, she has stepped away from her work to grieve her loss. She wishes to continue caring for her patients in due time, within her new community of Poplarville, MS.

Her usual day spent in the ER consists of providing patient care and serving as an educator amongst her fellow nurses. She also involved herself in Triage, Trauma Care, and kept herself up to date with new procedures. Dean believes that patient education and safety are the most important part of this profession, as well as persistent assessment and evaluation of her patients’ progression.

Looking towards the future, Ms. Dean wants to continue mentoring younger nurses and helping them learn more about how to positively impact their patients’ lives. She would also like to expand her training even further, by becoming a Crisis Intervention Instructor and receiving her certification in Emergency Nursing. She would also like to focus more on Forensic Nursing, Hospice Care, Wound Management, and becoming a SANE Nurse.

Ms. Dean has a strong belief in promoting patient education, safety, and advocacy. The safety of her patients is an essential and vital component of quality nursing care. With an immense amount of strategy and support, she continues to strive for excellence in her patient care. Thoroughly dedicating herself to assuring her patients only have positive outcomes in their treatments.

In her free time, Ms. Dean tries to make the world a brighter place in other ways, such as donating regularly to the American Cancer Society. She has also attained her Private Pilot’s license with instrument rating. When at home she enjoys gardening and reading, and occasionally enjoys traveling.

Emergency Room Registered Nurse

  • Anderson is a Level III Trauma Center founded in 1928, by Dr. William Jefferson Anderson.
  • Works with a medical staff of 200 physicians that spans to 36 medical specialties, and has more than 1200 employees.
  • Expertise in Nursing, Emergency Medicine, and Trauma.
  • Proud mentor of up-and-coming nurses.

Professional Associations

  • The American Cancer Society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem.