Suzanne White


The American Health welcomes Suzanne White, BSN to its Board of Nurses for her bright potential in the nursing profession and commitment to excellent patient care. A recent graduate, White will bring her proficiency in Nursing and Electrophysiology to the expertise of the Nursing Board. A deep-seated passion for and determination to positively shape her professional field mark her eight years in the industry. The American Health Council is eager to recognize Suzanna White, BSN and add her to its network of committed healthcare professionals.

White is heir to a long tradition of professional nursing, descending from four generations of nurses. She inherited her ancestors’ love of working with people and ability to solve problems for patients’ different conditions each day. Her natural knack for caregiving flourished as she persisted with her coursework. White graduated summa cum laude from Mt. Olive University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in 2016.

White consistently challenges her clinical abilities by exploring different areas of nursing. This practice caused White to accumulate dynamic experiences with three years in nephrology, another three years in the operating room, and two years as a Triage Nurse at the Heart Center. Since earning her BSN last year, White has worked as Electrophysiology Nurse Supervisor at Carolina East Medical Center. In this capacity, she regularly coordinates cases, educates patients on their procedures, and assists physicians. White also triages patients, both on the phone and in-person, and assists with devices for home monitoring, orders, and INR adjustment. Overall, White works tirelessly to ensure patients have everything necessary to guarantee positive outcomes. Her peers regularly recognize her career dedication. In November of 2015, White was named Employee of the Month by the Carolina East Medical Center.

In the future, White will keep abreast of medical technologies. More specifically, White would like to learn more about devices regarding electrophysiology within the next few years. Endeavoring to continuously modernize, she would like to try and get loop recorder insertions set up in her current office. White also aspires to learn more about her new positions and continue her growth as an accomplished nurse.

White is extremely grateful for the encouragement of her extended support system. Her family is her rock. In fact, White ascribes her considerable success to her family’s support. While she was a student pursuing higher education in nursing, she was raising a toddler while her husband served in the military. She spends her free time coaching her daughter’s softball team and enjoying the company of her family. Additionally, White likes to garden and tend to her flowers. She upholds the altruistic values of nursing outside of her professional life. She makes altruistic donations to local charities, hoping to support and develop her local community. The American Health Council applauds White for her compassionate clinical attitude and welcomes her to its Nursing Board.

Electrophysiology Nurse Supervisor at CarolinaEast Medical Center

  • Expertise in Nephrology, Operating Room Nursing, &  Triage Nursing.
  • CarolinaEast Medical Center has earned a five star quality rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
  • CarolinaEast Medical Center has achieved the Outstanding Patient Experience Award.
  • Was named Employee of the Month by the Carolina East Medical Center.