Tamra Ward


The American Health Council Board of Nurses welcomes Tamra Ward,  MSN, ARNP, NP-C, CHFN, CCTC as an affiliate. With an extensive 38 years within the healthcare industry, seasoned Nurse Practitioner Ward will be bringing her comprehensive expertise in Cardiology, Heart Failure, Adult Heart Transplant, and Nursing Research to the wealth of ability among AHC Nursing Board affiliates. The American Health Council applauds Ward for the work she is doing in the field of transplantation and dedication as a nurse educator.

Ward has always loved helping others. Looking for a way to translate that passion into a fulfilling profession, Ward turned to nursing. Nursing gives her the opportunity to positively impact so many lives. Her interest and drive grew as she persisted through her coursework. Ward graduated with highest honors in her undergraduate nursing studies and with high honors in her graduate studies as she earned an MSN from Creighton University in 2003. She has made an impact on the treatment and care of the heart failure population with her drive to improve the quality of patient care. During her time at Creighton University, Ward went on a Jesuit mission to treat the poor and underserved. In addition to her hard work and dedication, Ward attributes her professional success to the insight and value she gained from this Jesuit mission.

In her present capacity as Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner at Memorial Regional Hospital, Ward manages palliative medicine and transplants.  Her duties are dynamic and far-reaching. She is the Lead Advanced Heart Failure Coordinator responsible for inpatient and outpatient management of the advanced heart failure, mechanical support, and adult heart transplant patients.  As an active contributor to healthcare research, she is involved in multiple clinical research trials and supports investigator-initiated research.  Furthermore, Ward is involved in multiple education projects for both the hospital and clinic staff.  She sits on the Heart Failure Task Force for the Memorial Healthcare System to improve clinical outcomes and patient quality indicators.

Her laudable accomplishments have been recognized by professional awards spanning Ward’s almost four decades in healthcare. Her academic proficiency in graduate school precipitated in the Constance Smith Peterson Award for her nursing accomplishments and community service. Her talent as a devoted clinician was also acknowledged by her peers. Ward received the Employee of the Quarter honor, and the “Customer Excellence” Award and Patient First Awards from Creighton University Medical Center.  She has lectured at a variety of speaking engagements on local, state and national levels, providing much-needed health-related guidance to the American public.  This professional success inspired Ward to consider a teaching position where she can share her valuable expertise. Ward is presently An Adjunct Nursing Faculty Member at Creighton University and Broward College. In addition, she maintains professional associations with the Heart Failure Society of America and the American Association of Heart Failure Nursing.

Ward is proud of her educational accomplishments and work she has done so far. In her professional future, Ward hopes to be an integral part of the expansion of growth in the heart failure services at Memorial Regional Hospital.  She can see herself transitioning into a more active teaching role at the university-level to further grow as a nurse and nurse educator. In her leisure time, Ward enjoys reading autobiographies and spending time with her grandchildren. A testament to her altruistic character, Ward donates her time and resources generously to the American Heart Association and Mended Hearts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving heart disease patients, their families, and their caregivers. The American Health Council’s Nursing Board welcomes Ward’s specialized knowledge in heart failure and transplantation care and commitment to high-quality patient care.

Lead Advanced Heart Failure Coordinator at Memorial Regional Hospital

  • Extensive 38 years within the healthcare industry.
  • Expertise in Cardiology, Heart Failure, Adult Heart Transplant, & Nursing Research.
  • Received Employee of the Quarter honor, & the “Customer Excellence” Award and Patient First Awards from Creighton University Medical Center.
  • Memorial Regional Hospital received the President’s Award for Excellence in healthcare in 2017.
  • Memorial Regional Healthcare uses the patient and family centered care model in the belief that healthcare services can be improved by improving relationships with providers, patients, & their families.

Adjunct Professor at Creighton University 

  • Creighton University has received No. 1 ranking in “Americas Best Colleges” for 15 years in a row.
  • Globally recognized as one of the Best Global Universities in 2017.
  • U.S. News & World Report Best Online Programs ranked Creighton University for Best Online Programs in 2017.

Adjunct Professor at Broward College  

  • Broward College was named among top 3 in the nation by the Aspen Institute.
  • Most affordable online college in the state.
  • Received #1 for the number of Industry Certifications three years in a row.