Lisa VanWatermulen


Lisa VanWatermulen, Owner and Nurse Practitioner of Healthy by Nature Family Wellness Clinic, has been selected to join the American Health Councilā€™s Nursing Board. With 18 years of honed expertise in family nursing, Ms. VanWatermulenĀ is being recognized for continuous contributions to American healthcare.

Graduating Cum Laude from Minnesota State University, Mankato with her MSN/APRN/FNP, Ms. VanWatermulen became involved in her current profession as she always knew she would be in healthcare. She was inspired by the nurses and healthcare workers who treated her when she became ill with mononucleosis at age 14.

At her private practice, Ms. VanWatermulen engages in daily responsibilities, which involve integrative medicine and nutritional counseling. She also conducts administrative and lab duties, overseeing patients with digestive issues, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, auto-immunity, autism & ADHD, and diabetes management.

Ms. VanWatermulen attributes her success within her field to her education, motivation, and family support. She enjoys the freedom of making her own schedule and allowing time for longer appointments. She enjoys working with motivated patients taking responsibility for their own health through nutrition and positive lifestyle changes.

VanWatermulen is professionally associated with Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group, Minnesota APRN Coalition, and the Institute of Functional Medicine, whose goal it is further education and training to address the root cause of disease for individuals across the globe. Goals within the next 5 years for Ms. VanWatermulen include completing her Institute of Functional Medicine Certification, and to continue growing within her current practice. In her spare time, VanWatermulen enjoys time with her husband and son, reading, hiking, exercising, and volunteering in her community.

Owner/Nurse Practitioner at Healthy by Nature, LLC.

  • Healthy by Nature Family Wellness Clinic, LLC is a holistic medicineĀ clinicĀ in Lake Crystal, MNĀ dedicated to combining integrativeĀ and conventional health care.Ā Ā Patients of all ages are welcome.Ā  We utilize diagnostic testing, nutrition, and lifestyle changes toĀ optimize health and well-being.
  • Lisa VanWatermulen’s mission is to treat eachĀ patient as a whole person: body, mind and spirit.Ā  Her goal is to find the root causes of your health symptomsĀ andĀ to stop or reverseĀ the processĀ to give you back your well-being.

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